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Phase 1

During this phase, we conduct multiple exercises and interviews to thoroughly understand your operational model, structure, vision, mission, business culture, challenges, and goals, while mapping out the role scope and hiring manager's leadership style.

Organization & Role Assessment

Phase 2

This phase includes designing and developing a comprehensive search strategy and working with the research team to fine-tune and customize the search process.

Search Scope Strategy 

Phase 3

The evaluation phase involves conducting initial interview calls to gauge interest and assess a candidate's suitability for the role. Once a strong talent pool is established, in-depth interviews are scheduled, and comprehensive assessment reports are prepared for shortlisted candidates.

Interviews & Assessments

Phase 4

In this phase, we advise on interviewing methods, schedule and coordinate interviewing slots, and hold debriefing sessions, to discuss challenges and share ideas. We then assist in negotiating offers and smooth integration post-selection for the chosen candidate. 

Selection, Offers & Integration

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Developing proven processes for almost two decades, our proven methodology and due diligence ensure that our candidates are the perfect match for your organization.

Our Process & Methodology

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